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Our services are designed in such a way you will get everything you need, and so much more. Be it video surveillance or telecoms, we have it all! Rest assured, once you opt for Safewatch, you will not go elsewhere, and that is a fact!

Our Major Services

Security System

Every Safewatch security package is designed to effectively protect your residence or business, that too without breaking your bank in the process. Whether you want the works, or just the basics, you can work with Safewatch to customize a system that best meets your requirements

Safewatch is well versed in achieving a clear vision to design or upgrade existing security solutions, so you will not have to worry about getting work done on your security system starting from scratch.

Video Surveillance

No company offers the kind of monitoring and live surveillance that we do. We can help prevent crimes and disasters from wreaking havoc within seconds, so much so, you might not even know what happened.

Our surveillance is fast, with a customer support team available 24/7, ensuring you are not left to fend for yourself in times of distress. Get access to state-of-the-art surveillance featuring integrated machine learning and contextual search, to determine threats and emergencies even before they take place.

Network and Cabling

Safewatch has and will continue to provide quality products with reliable installation for a communication infrastructure that evolves with the constantly changing network environment. We are highly qualified to install custom networking, security, audio visual and custom mobility.

We will ensure your structured cabling, audio visual and security needs are met with the integration of the latest technology, thus ensuring you are satisfied through and through.>/p>


Our range of intercom systems are vast and diverse. Our extensive range of video door phones and intercom entry systems come with multi-zone capacity, moving video monitors, and high-definition sound.

We have outdoor and indoor intercom systems, giving you plenty of connectivity options. If need be, you can also integrate remote access to enable authorization of admission in any specific location, or vicinity of your home.

Fire Alarm

From fire alarm inspections to massive upgrades, you can always count on Safewatch to maintain and upgrade your fire alarm equipment within code.

As your fire and life safety partner, will fully support your existing system, and install and maintain a new one at the same time. We can also work out a plan for you to migrate to a new system from obsolete or outdated systems.


For your business needs, you can get a competitive advantage by taking advantage of our telecoms. Gain the ability to reach out and connect with people around the globe like never before.

We offer cutting-edge technologies, giving you the competitiveness and efficiency you need to outdo your competition without breaking a sweat. Since we anticipate your needs, we will be able to take our services to the next level for the best possible experience.

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