The Best Ways to Safely Store Your Makeup

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December 1, 2020

Organizing and storing makeup can be difficult, especially if you’re a beauty influencer, blogger or someone who is fond of makeup. Storing makeup and keeping it organized properly can be a perplexing job, particular for those who travel frequently or those who have a lot of makeup in their collection. But it requires no rocket science to organize your makeup tools and materials efficiently.

Here are a few quick tips that can help you get organized with your makeup with little to no investment:

Use a drawer set to organize your makeup

A drawer set allows you to organize your makeup category-wise. You can easily label each drawer and allot them for a different category for example bronzers, highlighters, blushes, concealers, and lipsticks. This makes each product easy to find on the go. You can get a drawer set depending on how much makeup you have. It is easy to categorize your makeup, such as skin-care and beauty in two separate sections that can be further divided into subsections for things like lip products.

Use clear acrylic storage

Using clear acrylic containers allows you to always see where everything is. It might be easier to find your things despite not labelling where everything is but clear containers do require your makeup to be stored tidily since everything is visible all the time. You wouldn’t want to be judged by others for being messy, now would you?

Make custom storage containers

If you’re someone who likes to take on DIY projects, then there are tons of ideas that you can use. Reuse old containers, dinnerware, candle boxes, or even shoe organizers to hold your makeup in a unique and creative way.

Towel rods and baskets

For someone who’s short on storage space, they can utilize empty space on their walls to hang towel rods and attach baskets to them. This allows you to hang your makeup in a way that utilizes extra space while also being quite creative!

A table + glass top

If you have a dedicated makeup table or vanity then you can add a raised glass top to it. This gives you space between the table top and the glass, allowing you to store your makeup under it in containers. The result? You can easily see your entire makeup collection neatly tucked under the same glass top, making for superior accessibility to everything you need.

Use old bottles and jars

A creative way to store your makeup is to use old bottles and jars. Use these containers and repurpose them to hold your makeup. If you’re feeling extraordinarily creative, you can even use different types of jars, containers, and bottles for different types and categories of makeup.

Get creative with the space you have

If you’re running short on space to store your makeup then you have to make use of what you have. Some ideas include corner shelves, storage organizers on the back of your doors, storage carts, and wall units. These storage hacks allow you to make the most out of your situation and stock your makeup in an organized manner.

Finishing u

There are tons of ways to store, organize, and stock your makeup while also being unique and creative. You can add a personal touch to really customize your storage options. Our ideas are just that – ideas. You can personalize them to your heart’s content and really make them your own. Makeup enthusiasts love organizing and re-organizing their collections, allowing them to show it off. Use one of our simple storage solutions or tackle a DIY project to manifest the creative soul within you and flaunt your snappy makeup storage solution to you friends.

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