Your Needs and Priorities

For the successful sale of your home.

One of the most important factors contributing to the successful sale of your home is my knowing why you desire to sell it.

By sharing this information, I will be better positioned to represent your real estate-related needs in an efficient and effective manner. This information, like all of our conversations, will remain confidential.

Why are you considering the sale of your property at this time?

What is the transactional timeframe you have in mind? Is there a definite time by which your property should be sold? When do you need to be in your new home?

Will you remain in this area or will you be relocating? (If remaining in this area, may I provide you with expertise in the acquisition of another property? If moving out of the area, may I provide you with relocation assistance?)

Are there any other individuals who will be involved in your property sale decision (e.g., other family members, attorney, or financial advisor)? May I have your permission to meet and/or speak with them at the appropriate time?

When was the last time you sold a property?

Reflecting on prior real estate selling experiences (comparable to this transaction), please describe the most positive aspects of those experiences. In addition, please share any unsatisfactory experiences that you hope to avoid this time.

Do you have any questions, problems, or concerns about the sale process in general that you wish to discuss?

What are your expectations of your real estate professional? What specific services and support do you look forward to receiving? also PLATINUM EDGE PROPERTIES

Appreciating Your Property To best convey the qualities of your home. Affluent buyers have an appreciation for quality and an eye for the details that make a home special. By sharing your thoughts about characteristics and qualities of your property, I will be better prepared to represent your home and share some of its finest qualities to prospective buyers.

What features first attracted you to your home?

Which of your favorite property features should be given communication priority with prospective buyers?

Which features uniquely differentiate your home from other relevant properties?

Assuming that it would be economically feasible, what changes might you suggest for your property that you believe would make it more saleable?

What do you like the most about your home’s surrounding area and community?

What are your thoughts regarding to whom your property marketing should be targeted?

Do you have any special terms or conditions regarding the sale of your property that I need to know (e.g., closing date, items of personal property to be excluded, etc.)?


What You Can Expect From Me

I will be your resource and consultant throughout this process.

The following steps will be involved during the marketing and sale your property. I am a licensed real estate professional and am committed to providing you with exceptionally good services also PLATINUM EDGE PROPERTIES