The Impact of Pricing on Home Marketing

Today's market features well-informed buyers.

While an effective marketing pip for a show-quality property will attract the taention of prospective buyers,'SM4tEhome pricing will dramatically improve its potential for offers of purchase.

Today's homebuyer is computer savvy. In fact, more than 95% begin their search on the Internet. Well-informed about properties for sale based on comparable sales information, prospective buyers often will not consider the purchase of properties newly introduced to the market if they are judged to be overpriced.

The Risks of Overpricing.

Introducing a property to the market at a price higher than competitive marketing data suggests can damage a property's potential for sale. It can:

• Prolong the time a property is on the market. • Diminish the impact of the marketing plan. • Reduce the already-limited pool of prospective buyers. • Often result in a lower sales price.

Property "Right Pricing."

The "right-pricing" of a property should be high enough to ensure maximum return to its owner, yet appear attractive to informed buyers based on comparable sales information. Ultimately, the value of a property is determined by the existing pool of prospective buyers, based on:

• The property's location, design, amenities, and condition. • The availability of competing existing properties. • The availability of competing new properties. • Economic conditions relevant to real property transactions within the property's price strata.

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