• Bill Lowe helped us redesign our living room, dining room and family room last year. He gave us so many ideas, without overwhelming us. He made suggestions, and then stepped back and let us choose. It had been many years since the last time we redecorated, and knew our house definitely needed to be updated. We worked with different manufacturers and put the room together piece by piece. Everyone who visits admires how each piece is unique, but complements the other furniture. We couldn’t have done it without you, Bill!

    Lauren Collins
  • My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Bill to decorate our den and living room. Not only did he provide us wonderful console, lighting, flooring, and couch selections for those areas, he also provided us design ideas in other areas of our home. We receive a lot of compliments on the design of our home and we have Bill to thank. Our current home recently went on the market and sold in one day, no doubt in part due to the wonderful design layout. We can't wait to work with Bill on designing the different areas of our new home; that will truly be a treat in the new year. He brings a special eye and care, taking into account space, height, texture and overall feel of the room. It's one of the best investments you can make to feel at home and in love with your spaces. I encourage all homeowners to take the opportunity to work with a professional designer, and why not work with Bill who is the best in the business.

    Laurie Magee
  • Bill helped design a beautiful, elegant and modern design for many of our rooms in our home! I really enjoyed working with him. The beauty he created has surrounded us for many years! I will definitely be working with him again in the future. Thank you, Bill!

    Natalie Mosallam

Other Reviews

  • BJL Design Services was first hired to help redecorate my family room -- I had art work and a theme, but no furniture or floor treatment. Bill Lowe put wonderful ideas together to create a comfy, relaxing environment reflective of his client. With that good experience, I returned to BJL Design a year later to get help with my aging living room. His ideas for reupholstery, furniture replacement and visual impact transformed a sad, dark room with potential into a visually exciting environment -- one I look forward to enjoying every day. These services were affordable and informative, sensitive to budget and to client, and not bashful about real improvements! This professional is creative and informed throughout the design trades -- would hope to hire again.

    Karen Wilson
    Hyde Park Home
  • Bill assisted us with a total design of a one bedroom condo in the City of Chicago. He got a sense from us as to our likes and dislikes, as well as out lifestyle and expected us of the condo. Once he had that, we basically gave him free reign to do a total redesign of the space from flooring, to wall colors to window treatments, furniture selection and placement, as well as lighting, art work and accessories. We could not be happier with everything he selected, which included some options and choices, but not too many as we told him we did not want to be overwhelmed with having to make too many decisions. Bill is thoughtful, creative and a pleasure to work with on a design project. We would absolutely use him again and can recommend him without reservation, no matter what your tastes and desires may be.

    J Bencor
    City condo
  • Bill is a wonderful and professional colleague. It is always a pleasure to meet with him and discuss the various elements of his current projects as well as business ideas. His style can be elegant and sophisticated, or clean and contemporary. He is very conscientious towards executing the perfect space for each of his clients. He is entertaining, well presented, and experienced in the field of design. All the attributes that any client would appreciate. Our meeting times together are always filled with the exchange of great ideas toward design elements and what is in store for the next client project.

    Interior Dimensions and D
    Professional colleague
  • Bill Lowe is a very accomplished designer and industry colleague. I have worked with him on several projects selecting treatments from The Shade Store resources. He always puts forth great design solu

    KQ Studio
    Window treatment expertis
  • I have helped assist completion of Bill's vision for his client's homes with the fabrication of window treatments on a dozen or so client projects together. Bill's specifications for his client are not the same from one project to the other. He is a good listener and puts a lot of thought into the best way to meet the client's needs. His pleasant and generous nature add to the client and partnership experience. It was exciting to see Bill instill confidence in the client so that they were comfortable making changes to or updating the interior of their homes. Excellent at space planning, kitchen design and furniture and fabric selection. I have seen Bill transform clients' living environment with taste, elegance and functionality. His customers are always the nicest people to work with.

    Monica Wood
    Window Treatment Knowledg