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Digital Learning Support offers personalized, in-home tutoring services of the highest quality. Our tutors have experience working with students at all grade levels and have specialized skills in cross-curricular subject areas. Digital Learners, traditional students (face-to-face) as well as those who have chosen home-school instruction can benefit from our personal tutoring sessions.

How it works?

Digital Learning Support provides highly qualified tutors to work with students in their homes or a chosen location. Tutors are matched to learners after an in-depth interview to determine the learner’s specific needs. Sessions take place in hour long increments and are planned according to student need.

Call 404-990-1790 or email dlsgeorgia2020@gmail.com to discuss your student’s needs.

Elementary Age Students

Digital Learning Support provides tutoring for students in Kindergarten through Grade 5. Our tutors are certified teachers, retired educators and those with specialized skills that seek to serve the elementary school learner. Our goal is to fill learning gaps that may be present to be certain students are performing at their highest potential.

Middle Grade Students

The Middle Grades are a critical period of learning and we aim to prepare our students with a solid foundation to best be prepared for success in High School. Our tutors have experience in all Middle Grade subject areas and are ready to prepare your learner for the High School years.

High School Students

Digital Learning Support tutors have a wide range of skills when it comes to High School tutoring needs. The rigor of High School classes can often be a challenge, but our tutors have the skill set needed to help your learner. Our tutors have the ability to help with high level math and science courses, foreign language as well as other needs.

Home School Students

Home School students can be assured that our tutors have the experience to assist with in-home tutoring needs. We are available to meet with your learner during the day, evening or weekend and have the skills needed to be sure that your learner is performing their very best.


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Whether your child is in elementary school, middle school or high school, we can match you with a skilled tutor to provide the tools needed for academic success. Our sessions are reasonably priced per hour. Please call 404-990-1790, or email dlsgeorgia2020@gmail.com to get started.

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Digital Learning Support continually seeks qualified tutors to join in our effort to serve students in our community. Please call 404-990-1790, or email dlsgeorgia2020@gmail.com for information about employment opportunities.

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