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Offer your customers exclusive privacy solutions while you grow your business, increase your revenue and enhance your brand.

You can net $100k for every 1,000 customers. We will show you how.

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Your small and medium-sized business customers already count on you. Now you can take their trust to the next level by offering easy access to a comprehensive assessment solution and breach reporting system to ensure they’re complying with legal mandates to protect personal information. As a channel partner, you’ll enjoy the financial benefits of new revenue streams generating recurring monthly revenue and net profits within 60 days of launch, all with no new capital investment required.

You will also open new doors by offering an entirely new product line. Differentiate yourself from competitors and expand your reach. It’s easier than you think, as you receive all training and marketing materials from CSR. Empowering your customers while enhancing your bottom line: It’s a win-win situation.

By partnering with CSR, you provide real value to your customers in the SMB community while increasing your top line revenue. Elevate your offerings to become a data privacy solutions provider.

Increase Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR)

CSR’s product solutions offer preparation against cyber attacks by emphasizing ongoing readiness and response. This model leads to long and ongoing relationships with customers, allowing for steady and reasonable monthly payments for products and services – forming the basis for a steady Recurring Monthly Revenue model.

Monthly revenue helps increase profitability and brings in more frequent cash flow. It also reduces the need for constant new sales – customers now have long-term need with the product that they are committed to using and paying for. Instead of CSR channel partners needing to constantly worry about big new sales, efforts can instead be focused on the ongoing positive relationship with current paying customers. Adding to this the word-class support from CSR and continued predictable revenue streams can become a reality for this line of products.

Increase Company Valuation

Recurring monthly revenue increases company valuation because it makes continued earnings projections for the company more predictable. RMR makes it far more likely that the revenue earned in the past will continue into the future. This makes for a significantly longer tail on cost and efforts in the initial sales effort. This improved return is reflected by the increased valuation.

A consensus of members in a small and midsize company owners revealed that the valuation range of business with monthly models tended to be between 24 and 60 times the monthly recurring revenue, or about two to five time the annual recurring revenue estimates.

In short, RMR leads to less churn – customers stick around longer – with a higher return for initial sales efforts. This model is good for your business, and it increases company valuation accordingly.

Increase Customer Retention

An extra hook to battle customer attrition

CSR offerings are based nearly two decades of expert work done by IAPP-certified information privacy professionals. But, ultimately to end-customers, the CSR products are about peace of mind. CSR can’t guarantee the end to data breaches or end the demand for regulation – but CSR can offer world-class preparation, as well as response solutions that will minimize trouble if problems come. This peace of mind emphasizes the need for an ongoing relationship between customers and CSR offerings. As long as there is need for defense against cyber threats, CSR will deliver undeniable value and make customers satisfied while encouraging continued participation.

A way to differentiate from the competition

Many particular markets are becoming commoditized and it’s becoming harder for businesses to differentiate themselves. Partnering with CSR allows you to bundle a unique and in demand service to the industry you serve, giving you a leg up on competitors who only offer flat services.

Geographic – Increase Footprint

48 states have some form of mandatory breach reporting laws, varying from responsibilities in communicating to customers and government authorities, as well as requirements around performing self audits. 14 states go as far as having a legal requirement to having an active plan in place against Personally Identifiable Identification (PII) being breached.

This reality provides a significant opportunity for businesses to learn more about the different kinds of PII breaches, as well as what responsibilities each business has in considering this reality. The clearly defined government regulations that are in place for protecting consumer data will give channel partners a compelling opportunity to sell the products, and with nearly every state having some sort of requirement, partners will be able to pitch the services no matter which metro or state they serve or provide an opportunity to stretch the geographic reach of the business.

Ultimately, CSR offerings have no geographic limits – whether it be in business demand or how they are delivered. When becoming a CSR channel partner, you will be able to immediately start generating revenue across the whole country.

Product – Bundle data privacy with your product

From Records Management and Shredding services to Merchant and Payroll services, CSR products both provide the opportunity to expand services while complementing the services you already sell.

No Capital Investment

No upfront costs

There is zero upfront cost to becoming a channel partner. In fact training, marketing materials, as well as ongoing program maintenance are all provided without any out-of-pocket expense. CSR will walk your business through preparation work and rollout.

Why is this? Because CSR emphasizes the term partner in the channel partnership – the model allows for businesses to increase their recurring monthly revenue while helping CSR further expand their own product footprint. This reality helps partners, and it helps CSR – for that, channel partners do not need to make an upfront capital investment or at anytime during the relationship.

We give you the sales materials

CSR provides channel partners with everything needed to effectively sell and deliver the services, including:

Indepth training
and literature

All marketing



If any or all of these partnership benefits interest you, reach out to CSR now by either filling out the form below or calling us at 888-294-6971. We can immediately evaluate if your company is a good fit to resell CSR offerings, then set up the next steps on the path to partnership and growing your business.

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